Past Prizes

2019 Prizes

Dr Harriet Sharp

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Dr Georgina Frew

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Dr Yarrow Scantling-Birch

UKISCRS (UK & Ireland Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons) 43rd Annual Meeting
Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th October 2019
All in all, the event proved to be a phenomenal opportunity to network and meet like-minded colleagues. I’ve gained the support of a few additional registrars and been motivated by the large amount of academic work being done across the UK. More importantly, I’ve decided I will be attending the next UKISCRS meeting and I thank the Brighton & Sussex Medico-Chirurgical Society for the kind sponsorship.
Dr Thomas Hickman Casey

2018 Prizes

Dr Tom Aquilina

Can early changes in metabolic markers predict outcome?

I undertook a project with the intensive care unit in BSUH. The project looked at whether changes in metabolic markers (pH, lactate, PaCO2, and bicarbonate) over the initial period in the critical care unit are good predictors of mortality and length of stay. This involved analysing data from 1506 patients admitted over two years. We found that the initial values of these markers at admission provide a better prognostic indicator than their change over the initial 6 hour period, with initial lactate level being the best predictor. We found that the change in metabolic markers does not accurately predict length of hospital stay.
Dr Hannah Shimmin

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Dr Julian Cumberworth

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Dr Oana Anton

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2017 Bursaries

The following people were awarded bursaries in 2017.

Shreya Bhadhrinarayanan

Dr Luke Hana

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Dr Ahmed Hashim

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Dr James Cohen

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2016 Sixth Form Essay Prize

In 2016, the sixth form essay prize was won by Portia Smith, for her reflective piece on Dr Paul Ransom’s talk on Trauma and Landmine Clearance. Click here to see her essay.
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