The Council

The council is a small body which ensures the aims and objectives of this charity are upheld. The council comprises officers and members who, once elected remain as council members for 3 years. The officers are elected at the AGM which is usually held before the May meeting. There are also ex officio members of the Med Chi council ensuring close links to local hospitals and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. The council must always have 2 medical student representatives. New ideas of how to run the Society can be brought to council members attention and then are discussed and approved if there is a majority of council in agreement. The council is supported and advised by a Secretary who organises the daily running of the society, notifies members and interested parties of future open meetings and council meetings as well as collecting membership dues and encouraging new members. The Society is also supported by a Treasurer whose task it is to ensure the appropriate collection and disbursement of the Society’s funds. Ordinary members are very welcome to make suggestions for improving the running of the society through one of the council members. The Secretary can always supply the contact details of council members. The current council is listed below.

  Role Name



Prof Chakravarthi Rajkumar




Vice Presidents

Dr Max Cooper 

Mr S Waquar Yusuf


President Elect


Hon Treasurer

Ms Carlene De Souza


Medical Director

Dr Rob Haigh – ex officio

  Director of Medical Education

Mr Varadarajan Kalidasan – ex officio

  BSMS Dean

Prof. Malcolm Reed – ex officio


Dr Ruth Barker


Ms Maha Buhleigah


Ms Peony Kan (Student)

    Mr Charles Zammit



 Student Members  

Ms Gabby Alexander-Harvey  

Ms Anna Casey 

Ms Abirami Kathiravelupillai 

Ms Freya Rickard

Joe Tan

Puru Thambiayah

Nick Dalmon (Webmaster)


Mr Alan Ireland



Dr Jonathan Williams


Mr Varadarajan Kalidasan


Ms Kate Hopkinson