The President

Chakravarthi Rajkumar

Consultant stroke physician and professor of geriatrics and stroke medicine

Professor Rajkumar (Raj) was appointed in January 2005 as the Chair of Geriatric and Stroke Medicine, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex, and is one of the Consultant Stroke Physicians at University Hospitals Sussex in Brighton.  He is also Associate Director for Early Career Research Development in the Local Clinical Research Network (Kent, Surrey and Sussex), part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

Professor Rajkumar has been actively involved in research in the field of Geriatrics and Stroke medicine. Current research interests include clinical trials in the very elderly, hypertension, vascular compliance and adverse drug reactions. He has published over 350 abstracts, peer reviewed papers and book chapters in journals including NEJM, The Lancet, BMJ and JAMA.

Professor Rajkumar is currently the Chief Investigator for White Coat Hypertension (WCH) in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET 2). This is a multi-centre trial which is funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust. He has been awarded a number of research grants from charitable organisations including the British Heart Foundation, Dunhill Medical Trust, NIHR (Research for Patient Benefits) and PPP Healthcare. Professor Rajkumar was awarded the fellowship of the British Hypertension Society in 2014 and the Health Service Journal award in 2020.

Professor Rajkumar holds offices for a number of national and international research organisations. He is an advisor on grants funded by the NIHR, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, Singapore), Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, NIH (USA) and other charitable funding bodies in the UK. He is an Associate Editor for the Journal Age & Ageing (Oxford University Press) and member of Editorial Boards of other international journals. Professor Rajkumar has contributed to clinical guideline development for NICE (National Institute Care and Clinical Excellence) and is currently a member of the cardiovascular risk prevention guideline committee.

In addition, Professor Rajkumar has been a peer reviewer for over 15 international journals. He has been an external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate medicine to the University of Zambia and an external examiner of MD and PhD theses for several UK and international Universities.

Professor Rajkumar has been a member of Med Chi since 2005 and an executive member prior to being elected President. He is keen to continue to develop the society to enable existing and new members to hear about a wide variety of topical issues and exciting innovations from experts in their fields.

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