What we do

Med-Chi is Brighton’s historic “medico-surgical” society.  Its original purpose in the mid-nineteenth century was “the reading and discussing of papers on medical subjects, and the maintenance of a friendly feeling among its members”.  That remains the function of the society:  a forum where hospital doctors, general practitioners and medical students from Sussex and beyond can meet and hear distinguished speakers deliver stimulating talks on diverse clinical and non-medical topics.  These talks aim to tackle some of the major medical, ethical, philosophical, educational and medico-political issues that confront health professionals and the general public alike.  In addition, we welcome sixth formers interested in a career in medicine, especially those from the BSMS Brightmed programme.   Certificates of attendance are available after meetings for clinicians to include in their CPD diary.

We work to preserve the historic tradition of Med-Chi as part of the clinical life of doctors in Brighton and elsewhere in Sussex.  Central to this is our belief that continuing medical education and established networks between doctors can improve patient care and the working life of clinicians.  We also believe that our unique role as a local forum for exploring wider issues in medicine and healthcare (for example through medical humanities) can promote personal and professional development.