Past Presidents

The society appoints a new president annually to join the historic list of names below that dates back to 1847.  The presidential term runs from January for twelve months. During their term, the president is entitled to wear the presidential jewel.  After the inaugural address, he or she has traditionally been photographed seated in the 19th century presidential chair in the lecture hall.

In order to maintain a diverse programme of lectures we welcome applicants from all clinical specialities. Doctors (including current non-members) wishing to be considered for the office of president should discuss with the secretary, president or other members of council.

We are always keen to learn more about the lives of our former presidents.  If you are conducting family history research, do please contact us with any biographical information or photographs.

Presidential termNamePhotoBiography
2023Mr Andrew Hobkirk
(Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and OMFS)
Andrew Hobkirk
2022Chakravarthi Rajkumar (Consultant stroke physician and professor of geriatrics and stroke medicine)Chakravarthi-Rajkumar
2021Christopher Liu OBE (Ophthalmologist)   (n.b. president re-elected due to covid-19 pandemic)Christopher Liu
2020Christopher Liu OBE (Ophthalmologist)Christopher Liu
2019Maxwell J F Cooper (General Practitioner)Maxwell J F Cooper
2018Syed Waquar (Waquar Yusuf - Vascular surgeon)Syed Waquar Yusuf
2017Charles Zammit (Endocrine and Breast surgeon)Charles Zammit
2016Margaret (Meg) Price (Dermatologist)Meg-Margaret-Price
2015Ruth Barker (General Practitioner)Ruth Barker
2014Alan Ireland (Gastroenterologist)Alan Ireland
2013J Quin (Endocrinologist)J Quin
2012Richard Vincent (Cardiologist)Richard Vincent
2011Mark Signy  (Cardiologist Worthing hospital)Mark Signy
2010Robert Tranter (Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon)Robert Trante
2009Helen Smith (General Practitioner)Helen Smith
2008Bruce K Mcleod (Ophthalmologist)Bruce K Mcleod
2007Harry O Brunjes (GP Entrepreneur)Harry O Brunjes
2006Varadarajan Kalidasan (Paediatric surgeon)Varadarajan Kalidasan
2005Paul A Farrands (Surgeon)
2004Stephan E Tchamouroff (Genitourinary medicine)Stephan E Tchamouroff
2003Clive D Bach (General Practitioner)
2002N Evans  (Paediatrician)
2001JRW (Bob) Gumpert (Vascular Surgeon)
2000Chistopher Davidson (Cardiologist)Chistopher Davidson
1999Luke Fernandes (Rheumatologist)Luke Fernandes
1998Anna C Haylett (General Practitioner)
1997Douglas A Chamberlain CBE (Cardiologist)Douglas Chamberlain
1996Ray H Harper (General Practitioner)Ray H Harper
1995Ian G Crossman (Orthodontics)Ian Crossman
1994C Barry d'A Fearn (Orthopaedic surgeon)Barry Fearn
1993Alec J M Frank (General Practitioner)Alec Frank
1992John E Rees (Neurologist)John Rees
1991Donald J Reid (Surgeon)
1990D F Dart (General Practitioner)D F Dart
1989Nigel H Porter (Surgeon)
1988David V Ingram (Ophthalmologist)David V Ingram
1987R J Stuart Weir (General Practitioner)R J Stuart Weir
1986W Nicholas (Nick) Laurence (Orthopaedic surgeon)W Nicholas (Nick) Laurence
1985Bernard Crymble (Neurosurgeon – Brighton and Haywards Heath)Bernard crymble
1984Joanna Sheldon (Endocrinologist)Joanna Sheldon
1983Euan C B Keat (Physician/Gastroentroenterologist)Euan Keate
1982Frederick R. Ryle (General Practitioner)
1981Paul V Wadsworth (ENT)Paul Wadsworth
1980Phillip G Somerville Surgeon (vascular)Phillip G Somerville
1979N W A Harvey (General Practitioner)Norman Harvey
1978K Whittle Martin (Urologist)
1977Dr John K Wagstaff  (General physician)John K Wagstaff
1976S. Patrick Hall-Smith (Dermatologist)S. Patrick Hall-Smith
1975R J Keith Elliott (Pathology)R J Keith Elliott
1974Constance L Beynon  (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)Constance L Beynon
1973Henry Park (Surgeon)Henry Park
1972Leslie W Lauste (Surgeon)Leslie W Lauste
1971Rex A Binning (Anaesthetist)Rex A Binning
1970L John Beynon (General Practitioner)John beynon
1969D Archdale Smith (General Practitioner)
1968F J Kerr
1967B A Fraser (Physician)
1966F K Busterton
1965R W Windle (Physician)
1964K Kemball Price (Physician at Brighton and Lewes)
1963D A Carew Hunt
1962D C F L Williamson
1961S D Firth (Medical Superintendent, Brighton General Hospital)
1960K F Mackenzie (Obstetrics & gynaecology)
1959C Barry Prowse (Physician)
1958 Vera E Claxton (General Practitioner)
1957D Cumming
1956J H Crawford
1955H C K Eccles
1954Gladys M Wauchope (Physician)
1953G W Beresford
1952C G Schurr (Ophthalmologist)
1951Harold George Downer (Oto-rhino-laryngologist)
1950J H Le Brasseur
(General Practitioner)
1949C Gibson
1948Lilias M Jeffries (general practitioner and gynaecologist at the New Sussex Hospital in Brighton)
1947J P S Walker
1946H J McCurrich
1945T S Allen
1944F H Fuller
1943J R Griffiths
1942Alexander Hislop Hall (1892-1968; GP in Hove from 1923-1965)
1941G W Beresford
1940C D Scott (n.b. president re-elected due to outbreak of second world war)
1939C D Scott
1938J G Hayes (General Practitioner) and Douglas A Crow (n.b. at an extraordinary meeting of the council, Mr Douglas A. Crow was elected president to fill the vacancy by the death of Dr. J. G. Hayes)
1937F W M Cunningham
1936V R H Turton
1935Harold F Seymour
1934Florence M Edmonds
1933A. Neville Cox
1932A. Helen Boyle (General Practitioner and first woman president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists)
1931Duncan Forbes (Public Health)
1930H. Nethersole Fletcher
1929W Barrington Prowse (Physician)
1928A. Geoffrey Bate (Surgeon)
1927Donald G Hall (Physician/GP)
1926E. Rivaz Hunt
1925Herbert J Walker
1924Edward Forster Maynard
1923Eliot Curwen
1922Arthur Jaffray Hutchison
1921David William Livingstone
1920Hugh Stott
1919Theodore Henry Ionides
1919Leonard A Parry
1918Samuel Bradley Figgis
1917Walter Robert Wood
1916Henry Gervis
1915Arthur Herbert Buck
1914Reginald John Ryle (Physician & Ophthalmologist)
1913Walter Broadbent
1912Edmund Hobhouse
1910Frank Hinds
1909Charles John Jacomb-Hood
1908Reginald Francis Jowers
1907Henry Herbert Taylor
1906Wayland Charles Chaffey
1905Sir Arthur Newsholme
1904George Morgan
1903James Turton
1902J.F. Gordon Dill (Physician)
1901Walter Samuel Simpson
1900Frederick John Paley (General Practitioner)
1899Robert Sanderson
1898Robert Black
1897Douglas William Giffard
1896Alfred Scott
1895John Caldwell Uhthoff
1894T. Jenner Verrall (Surgeon)
1893Sir Joseph Ewart JP
1892Willoughby Furner
1891Edward George Whittle
1890Edward Mackey
1889E. Cresswell Baber
1888W.H. Nicholls
1887F.W. Salzmann
1886E. Noble Edwards
1885Thomas Sprye Byass
1884Charles J Oldham
1883William Ainslie Hollis (Physician)
1882John Harris Ross
1881Joseph R Gasquet
1880Nathaniel Paine Blaker
1879Edward Francis Russell
1878Crawford John Pocock
1877Richard Patrick Burke Taaffe
1876Henry Penfold
1875Athol Archibald Johnstone
1874Richard Branwell
1873William Withers Moore
1872George Browne
1871John Jardine Murray
1870Charles Izard Beard
1869Henry Moon
1868Charles Bryce
1867Frederick Abell Humphry
1866Alfred Hall
1865George Frederick Hodgson
1864William Verrall
1863William Kebbell
1862Samuel King Scott
1861William Mellett Hollis
1860George Lowdell
1859Sir John Cordy Burrows (former Mayor of Brighton)
1858James William Wilson
1857Harry Mills Blaker
1856George Tatham
1855Edmund Joseph Furner
1854James Oldham
1853Edward Latham Ormerod
1852John Lawrence (Junior) and John Lawrence
1851James Annesley Hingleston
1850Thomas Bradbury Winter
1849George Samuel Jenks
1848Benjamin Vallance
1847William King