12 January 2012

Presidential Address:

Shocking Medicine

Prof Richard Vincent,

Emeritus Professor of Cardiology and former Associate Dean, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

2 Feb 2012

Travels with my Grant

Prize winning students from Brighton and Sussex Medical School report on their experiences during their medical electives.

1 March 2012

Sir Humphrey in Perspective

Sir Joseph Pilling KCB

Former Director General of the Prison Service in England and Wales and Permanent Secretary to the Northern Ireland Office.

5 April 2012

From Afganistan to A&E

Colonel Tim Hodgetts

Chief Medical Advisor to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and Honorary Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Birmingham

3 May 2012

Genes, Lifestyle and Environment: Complex Interactions on Disease

Professor Sir Rory Collins

Green Templeton Fellow Professorof Medicine and Epidemiology and Co-Director, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Oxford

7 June 2012

The Sight of Africa

Dr Keith Waddell CBE

Eye Surgeon and medical teacher in rural Africa.

4 Oct 2012

Art, Surgery and Transplantation

Sir Roy Calne

Fellow of the Royal Society, pioneer in transplant surgery and acclaimed artist.

1 Nov 2012

Mind the Gap

Ian Collington

Writer, producer and presenter for the BBC and independent broadcasting.

6 Dec 2012

Medicine after the fall of Communism

Dr Eralda Turkeshi

Family Physician in Albania and leading expert in medical education in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tirana.