The following doctors have been awarded bursaries this year:

Dr Tom Aquilina

Can early changes in metabolic markers predict outcome?

I undertook a project with the intensive care unit in BSUH. The project looked at whether changes in metabolic markers (pH, lactate, PaCO2, and bicarbonate) over the initial period in the critical care unit are good predictors of mortality and length of stay. This involved analysing data from 1506 patients admitted over two years. We found that the initial values of these markers at admission provide a better prognostic indicator than their change over the initial 6 hour period, with initial lactate level being the best predictor. We found that the change in metabolic markers does not accurately predict length of hospital stay.
Dr Hannah Shimmin

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Dr Julian Cumberworth

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Dr Oana Anton

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The Council of Brighton and Sussex Medico-Chirurgical Society is pleased to award three annual prizes of £50: one for current Medical Students, one for 6th formers or other students who are applying to study medicine in the forthcoming year and one for members of the BSMS Brightmed programme.  Members of Brightmed are welcome to apply for both student prizes. All applicants must be aged sixteen or over.

Candidates should submit a reflective piece of no more than one side of A4 based on one of the Brighton Med-Chi talks that they have attended in the previous six months. The piece should explore why the talk interested them, how it affected their thinking and how it might influence them in the future.  Student should only make one submission.  Please send submissions to Ms Kate Hopkinson () as a word document with your name, date of birth and the prize(s) you are applying for on page one and your submission on page two.  We normally post prize winners’ names and submissions on our website.  Please state on page one of your submission if you do not wish this to happen.  Submissions should be made by 1st June.

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